Martinez backs Barca’s way of shaping youngsters

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Belgium head coach Roberto Martinez has bolstered his approach to team building by employing Barcelona‘s new youngsters.

Belgium’s Spanish national team coach Roberto Martinez has backed Barcelona’s approach to making it possible for young players to step up to the first team. Amid the financial crisis and injury problems of the large squad As reported by Mundo Deportivo on Wednesday. 

Barcelona have added weight with talented young players from ‘La Masia’, the club’s training center. Due to financial problems and injuries of the first team players Before many young players were born in full form, for example, Pablo Martin, Paez, Cabira Gabi or Neko Gonzalez, ufabet etc. 

‘Barcelona are in a difficult situation,’ Martinez said of the Azul Grana squad facing a financial crisis and injury problems. ‘They had to give the young players a chance a little earlier than expected. But if young players are ready It doesn’t matter how old they are.’

‘That is important. They are prepared at the youth level. when they are well prepared Their talent allows them to play at an early age,’ said Martinez.