The key to Xavi’s ultimate leadership

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Xavi Hernandez is leading the project with great expectations and full of expectations. Barcelona around the world What is the key to making this important work successful?

Xavi Hernandez returns to Camp Nou under the mission of rebuilding Barcelona, ​​a team that now seems to float. after facing financial problems And the big field work in decades caused by mismanagement 

Xabi has a handicap since he has not started. He was accepted by Barcelona immediately everyone believe. That he was el salvador, the Redeemer, who had come to his rescue. and bring the team back to greatness 

Joan Laporta has given Xavi full powers to help the team move on with the revival, with Xavi taking on the role of full team leader. Which everyone believes is the basis for the success of the new Barcelona era. 

Barcelona-based sports psychologist Oriole Mercade, author of the book ‘Entrenador lider’ (Leader Trainer), talks about the ‘core components’ that will be the key to Xabi becoming a leader. The way Barcelona look 

This leadership, Mercade pointed out, must impress and trust the team from day one. Because the true leader “It didn’t happen spontaneously. but must be built.” 

Just reputation is not enough

Xavi, one of the best players in the world and in Spanish football history who has won every trophy with Barcelona, ​​doesn’t automatically make him a leader. 

Leadership depends on how players perceive their coaches. It is not a condition that is dictate by the role earn or success as a footballer. It is the power that comes from the recognition of abilities and actions. 

If just being Xabi was enough, then the Argentinian national team in the era of Diego Maradona as a trainer would have won the World Cup. But we saw that the results did not turn out that way. 

To succeed in a difficult project Xabi will have to help the players take on the responsibility, letting each figure out. What needs to be done. And accelerate learning at all levels towards the philosophy of excellence that has been missing from Camp Nou for years.”

wavy wood – solid wood

Leaders come in many forms. Throughout his long career, Xabi has met with leaders of all kinds, including Van Gaal, Rijkard, Pep. Guardiola, Tata Martino, Tito Vilanova, Enrique, Aragones, Vicente del Bosque, all of whom have a duty to bring out the best.  

Leadership has no fixed pattern. An effective trainer must be able to adapt to the fundamentals of his players. and conditions of the situation 

Xabi encountered a variety of dressing rooms during his playing career that trained him in leadership. 

In Van Gaal’s era, which was full of power and rules, Xavi said of the Dutch coach: “He lacks emotional intelligence” (Emotional Quotient: EQ) 

In addition, Xabi also has experience working with some trainers who are not very prestige. As a result, leadership is not outstanding. Which is partly due to the influence of the players in the team that has been very successful before.